Meet Maisey!

This little bun is named Maisey! Get a load of this total diva!! Personality more similar to a cat, It’s all on HER terms –  her human is only here to serve her! With her adorable cow-like markings, how could anyone resist meeting her every demand?

Meet Oliver Sacks!!

Rescued from the Shelter when he was only 6 months old, Oliver Sacks went home with his loving owner Kim! After lots of affection and carrots his personality sprung out like an energetic Tigger hopping around the 100 acre woods! Oliver Sacks is an overall very silly, happy bunny! You can find him tearing around the apartment like a foal in a pasture, doing head flips, binkies, and running about 60 mph in circles! He’ a very happy, energetic boy.


When I got the idea to start creating animal portraits I had just doodled a picture of my pet bunny. I posted the sketch on a forum and the reactions I got where overwhelming! One of the first comments was from a woman named Kim, who has given me a great deal of support and advice since. Everyone showed the post so much love! With the encouragement of friends and a passion for animals the urge to draw our beloved companions. 

Yeah so I know how to draw so I thought to myself. What’s a unique way to represent the animals? When I asked why people liked the picture of my bun the response came from the cartoon sketchy style and quirky presence the bunny had. Considering the feedback I wanted to capture the personality of the animal using an illustrative likeness.

Now that I decided what I wanted to do, next comes HOW?! That’s where Kim came in. She offered constructive advice on where to show off my work, how to find people who would be interested and pocketing a little something in the process.  That’s when I joined more forums and started posting photos of what I’ve done.


And thats why I am here right now, writing this post. The thought of spending hours designing keepsakes dedicated to our animal pals is so exciting!

The blog comes into play like this, with every animal comes a story. Here in this blog I will post the photos of the animals as well as a short Bio about them. Along with some random other tips, tricks and random animal tidbits!


To sign off, here is a screen grab of the sketch that started it all: